Our Staff

At JS Pest Management LLC, our sole mission is to ensure absolute customer satisfaction by providing excellent service. Establishing long-term relationships based on honesty and transparency is something we aim for our staff and clients.

We Are One Big Family

In order to be successful as a company it is vital to build a relationship of trust with your clients. Establishing long-term relationships based on honesty and transparency is something we aim for both with our staff and clients.

We are a family run business, who believes in providing top quality customer service and value for money.

We have known the majority of our customers for years and it is always such a rewarding feeling to see them trust in our services.

Oscar Bermudez

JS Pest Management

Johnny González

JS Pest Management

José Salazar

JS Pest Management

Richard Bermúdez

JS Pest Management

Andrés Salazar

JS Pest Management

Martha Salazar

JS Pest Management

Claudia Salazar

JS Pest Management

Giovanni Santamaría

JS Pest Management

With our 24-hour response time, we ensure you will have your pest control issue addressed immediately. We make pest protection easy and hassle-free, providing you with the best customer service experience in the industry.

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WE KNOW OUR STUFFWe have invested to develop training programs that extend well beyond the classroom.

Public Health

JS Pest Management LLC is determined to guarantee and secure optimal public health and safety. As expected, we go about doing this by helping to prevent and control pest infestation in homes, offices and construction sites. We also diligently educate the society on the potential health detriments of occasioned by pests.

Environmental Responsibility

Our company places a high premium on the devotion on the environment, and we consider it our utmost responsibility to contribute our efforts by helping to control and eliminate pest in your homes and workplaces.

Our Education

Part of our responsibility is to educate the society about risks posed by pest infestation and how they can be controlled and prevented. We provide useful information online to our public and our staff is highly trained and quality to handle all kinds of pests.