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PEST CONTROLJS Pest Management LLC believes that you and your family deserve to live peacefully in a home free of pest infestations.

Therefore, we look forward to you calling us immediately you notice or get a smell of any form pest, insects or rodents in your home. Pest Infestations are very dangerous in homes, and they pose an enormous risk to health, safety, and properties.

JS Pest Management LLC will effectively get rid of the pest problem you may be having in your home. We know our work, and professional handling of chemicals will ensure that you, your loved ones, pets, and properties will be completely safe from the hazard of chemicals.

Allow us Protect Your Loved Ones.

We believe the health and safety of your family and properties should be considered and top priority and treated as such. At JS Pest Management LLC, our long years of experience gives us the ability to give all our customer a custom-suited service that caters for their specific needs.

Residential Pest infestation may come in different forms. It may be rats in your house, cockroaches in your kitchen, beg bugs in your bedrooms and so on. But not to worry, our team of certified specialists has more than enough experience in any of this regard, and you can expect nothing but a job well done.

Whether you need to stay on top of the situation and prevent your home from pests or you need to get rid of existing ones, we will throw the full weight of our expertise in our work and ensure you get exactly what you bargained for, and more. We pride ourselves in leaving our clients 100% happy and satisfied while they trust us enough to recommend our services to family and friends.


JS Pest Management LLC Pest Control Services will not only stop and getting rid of pests in your residential homes, but we will also take further steps to source the issues that may have caused Pest’s incursion in the first place, and we will take swift steps to address them. To strengthen our efforts, we will take steps to thoroughly inspect your home and come up with a customized program that will suit your pest control needs and prevent further re-occurrence.

Most Importantly, at JS Pest Management LLC, we place a high premium on the health and safety of all our clients when carrying our treatments. That is why our experts use only approved products and chemicals. This is a 100% guarantee that yourself, your kids, pets, and properties are not exposed to risk or health hazards during the course of our work.

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