Termites Classes

Termites Classes

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These termites are commonly found in areas with high humidity, especially near bodies of water; They are suitable for handling very humid wood, these present little or no damage to the man-made frills.

Canary Termite of Dry wood (cryptotermes brevis) These are equipped to tear down very hard wooden structures, such as indoor wooden furniture; they find enough moisture in dry wood substances to support their lives. They do not need additional moisture therefore they do not need contact with the earth.

The damage caused can be seen by the presence of grain granules that leave the furniture that has been affected. The damage caused by these is quite important but it can take several years to reach a remarkable level.

These are totally different from the Canarian termites of dry wood when it comes to moisture. They live underground and constantly need moisture.
They usually work faster than other types of termites; they also consume dead wood as well as fruits and live plants.

The underground termite returns to the earth in search of water, however moisture on the ground, such as water from damp wood or a leaking roof, can support their lives. Undergound termites build tunnels up to 4 meters high near the wood with which they feed.

The Formosan Subterrenean termite (coptetermes – formosanus)
This species was discovered recently, its origin is in Asia can be fed both dry wood and moisture without any difficulty.

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