Common NameTermites
Latin NameIsoptera

How to get rid of this?.To get rid of pest problem under control, inspection is the first and foremost step.

The termites (also known as white ants) they belong to the order of the Isopteros, they are characterized by being social insects and feed on wood and other cellulose-rich materials; most termites are tropical or subtropical, but a few live in temperate peaks.
Termites are a group of social insects that live in colonies and build nests. They feed on the wood from which they degrade until they are finished.

It is said in some temperate climates that are urban pests; they are introduced into the structures of the buildings without being detected through roads in the walls or foundations.

Sometimes winged termites are confused with winged ants, but they are not related. There are 2600 species of termites in the world, which means that their colonies can count to 3 million individuals.

Termites feed on wood pulp. By themselves they are not able to digest it, but they take advantage of its nutrients thanks to the degradation of the cellulose made by the protozoa that live in symbiosis within the digestive system of the workers, the food is transported in the stomach and transmitted to the rest of the individuals of the termite mound through mouth-mouth or anus-mouth

Termites consume wood from the inside out; they always leave a superficial layer on the outside while they do their work inside.
An unequivocal sign of the presence of termites on a wooden beam or frame is simply to hit it and see if it sounds hollow; Sometimes that blow without wanting on a piece of furniture is what makes us realize for the first time that we have guests in the house. The wood falls apart as if it were paper. The upper layer hid what happened inside.

Termites can be considered as a harmful pest and the consequences can be very serious for the structure of our home. They can go a long time without being detected and when their presence is discovered it can be serious for the structure of your home, including picture frames, doors, windows, beams or dead trees.

To move from one place to another, termites use pipes made of mud, they do not like sunlight, so to protect themselves they travel through them.

Termites are capable of going through almost anything until they reach the wood even walls.

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