Common NameMosquitoes
Latin NameCulicidae

How to get rid of this?.To get rid of pest problem under control, inspection is the first and foremost step.

Almost all people have had the unpleasant experience of a mosquito bite. Mosquito bites cause skin irritation due to an allergic reaction to mosquito saliva. This is what causes the red bump and itching, however, a more important consequence of some bites is the transmission of certain serious diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and various forms of encephalitis, which include West Nile virus

Mosquitoes can transmit various conditions and parasites to those who have a predisposition of contagion dogs and horses, these diseases are

-Canon zoonotic filariasis
-Eastern Equine encephalitis

In the United States there are 200 different species of mosquitoes that prefer different types of stagnant water where they leave eggs, other places where some species leave their eggs are:

-Hollows in trees
-Unused tires
-trays and dishes of potted plants
-Plastic caps
-Places as small as bottle caps

Some of the mosquito species and more annoying and possibly dangerous as the Asian tiger mosquito, comes from these places. Types of mosquitoes:

-Asian tiger mosquito
-Common fruit fly
-Yellow fever mosquito
–Axes Vexans
-Chironomus Plumosus
-Maximum card
-Highland midge

To prevent mosquito bites you have to

-Keep metal meshes in good condition
-Use long sleeve shirts
-Maintain the pool
-Use repellent
-Perform fumigation

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